Labors for every need

Permanent, Temporary & Contract Labors

IND COMM provide skilled contract manpower services on a short or long-term basis, to cover your Field, On-Site Rework and Refurbishment Engineering, and Call Centre commitments to your customers at an overall cost less than providing the same services with highly paid internal technicians. We bring you the specialized offerings and the right talent on-site, off-site or off-shore to keep your workforce agile and your initiatives on track. From the front-desk Receptionist to the decision-making Board, we can provide contractual, temporary and permanent employees who have a diverse portfolio of skills, experience and understand the key business processes.

At IND COMM , the quality of a candidate is not defined by his qualifications alone, but also by his ability to succeed within the particular organization. Being the hallmark of quality recruitment, our consistent focus is on finding the right candidate to match the employer's environment and culture, as well as the job itself.

The goal is to find a place for each candidate where they can find the jobs they suits the best and get opportunities grow. We find the best people for all types of jobs and industries at both the staff and professional levels.

Our extensive network provides us with a large array of prospective talents for the executive positions your organisation require. Services extend to the assessment and acquisition of senior leadership to executive employment. Our dedicated team is experienced in managing the entire recruitment process:

  • Consultation and characteristics of Position and applicant
  • Filtering applications to suit
  • Identifying ideal candidates
  • Evaluating suitability
  • Negotiating contractual terms